Julie Price & Co Ltd

Established in 1989 Julie Price & Co is a registered broker authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, arranging general insurance for well over two decades.

Are you searching for competitive insurance with a professional, friendly service? Look no further!

Whether you have a company to insure, or a property or a fleet or the family car, call us for a quote and advice. We have a long history of finding the best cover and deal with a variety of clients from large to small. Many quotes can be done immediately and we offer advice on the types of cover available and will recommend options. For example...

Miss X contacted us for Public Liability for her new event business. We quoted but also recommended and quoted her to take Professional Indemnity and advised on the limit to consider.

Mr Y called us to insure a block of buildings immediately, some of which were unoccupied. We arranged full cover on the occupied parts and limited cover on the rest until occupied within 2 hours.

Why use Julie Price?

  • We are independent. As such we have access to hundreds of schemes across this country, so if one scheme we put you on becomes too expensive or their claims service is poor, we will simply move you to a more appropriate scheme.
  • No queueing on the telephone. Most service industries have lost the plot and it is now common to queue on telephone lines for 10 minutes or more. All our calls are answered within 15 seconds.
  • Access to a whole range of insurance. You name it – we have probably done it! From forklifts to cherished cars, golf courses to house insurance (not to forget personal accident, legal expenses, boats, weddings).